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Income Restrictions

Income & Age Restrictions


Housing Tax Credit Program

The Lifestyle You Deserve at a Price You Can Afford

This affordable housing program is for seniors with moderate incomes allowing below market rents for those who qualify. The program is not a subsidized housing program as each resident is responsible for their full amount of rent each month. Rental amounts are based on the pre-set income limits in the geographic area and not based on your individual household income. To be income eligible, your total household 'gross' income must be less than the pre-set income limit for the area.

Application Processing: All household members must be age 55 or older, and at least one household member must be age 61+ by the end of the current year, or disabled. Each household member must provide documentation establishing their eligibility. Once your application is accurately completed, signed by all required parties and all required documentation is submitted, it will take 1-3 weeks to process your file for review and approval. If application completion or documentation submission is delayed, your move-in date may be pushed back.

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Current Income Limits

Minimum IncomeMaximum Income
1 Person - $23,976*
2 People - $23,976*
3 People - $23,976*
4 People - $23,976*
5 People - $23,976*
1 person - $47,340
2 people - $54,060
3 people - $60,840
4 people - $67,560
5 people - $73,020

*Subject to change. Minimum income is calculated based on 2x the current rent.